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5 Tips for Increasing Your Gas Hot Water Heaters Efficiency

Hot water heaters can be real energy hogs. Conventional gas-fired units, which store a reserve of hot water, use twice the energy required to run a refrigerator and account for up to 16 percent of the average American’s total energy consumption. Improving the efficiency of your gas hot water heater can translate into significant savings on your monthly gas bill.


1. Use Less Hot Water

The first way to improve energy efficiency is to consume less of the resource itself. And the easiest way to decrease the amount of hot water you use is to install aerating shower and faucet heads. Good models deliver a satisfying stream of water yet cut the actual flow by 50 percent, which means that a family of four can potentially save 1000 gallons of hot water a month from baths and showers alone. Other ways of saving water include

  • installing a horizontal-axis washing machine
  • installing a new model dishwasher
  • using cold water to wash clothing

Painless conservation efforts not only reduce your gas bill but also help lower your water bill, resulting in a responsible use of a limited resource.

2. Insulate Your Hot Water Tank and Hot Water Pipes

Much of the energy expended in conventional storage heaters is a result of keeping the water in the tank at the right temperature, especially if the heater itself is located in a cold part of the house. Insulating the tank will reduce heat loss and improve the unit’s efficiency, in some cases by up to nine percent. It is a relatively simple project, but homeowners should follow the manufacturer’s recommendations carefully when insulating a gas hot water heater so as not to block the air inlets.

Insulating the hot water pipes works on the same principle: The water sitting in your pipes, waiting to be used, will be kept at a higher temperature if the pipes themselves are insulated. Insulating the pipes is a more time-consuming and costly improvement than simply insulating the heater, however, so homeowners should consider their individual needs before embarking on this project.

3. Turn Down the Heater’s Temperature Setting

You can improve energy efficiency by up to five percent for every ten degrees you lower the temperature setting on a conventional storage heater. For many households, lowering the temperature from 140 to 120 degrees yields considerable savings and no inconvenience. After all, if the water that runs from your taps is so hot you have to mix it with cold in order to bathe or wash dishes comfortably, it is a safe bet that you can lower the temperature on your unit without sacrificing any comfort whatsoever.

4. Install an “On-Demand Circulator” under Your Sink

In houses with a conventional gas hot water heater in the basement or other remote location, 50 or more feet of pipe lie between the hot water source and the faucet. Bringing the hot water to the faucet expends energy and wastes water. An on-demand circulator can solve this problem. This device is a pump that pushes hot water from the heater to the tap and returns the cold water sitting in the pipe back to the heater. Because you use it only when you need the hot water, the circulator greatly increases efficiency and cuts down on waste.

5. Switch to a Tankless Unit

The next time your conventional gas-fired hot water heater needs replacing, consider installing a demand, or tankless, heater. Demand units do not store water; rather, they work by heating the water rapidly whenever you turn on the tap. Over a 13-year life cycle, tankless gas heaters cost nearly 500 dollars less to purchase and operate than conventional units. The difference in the annual cost of running these units in more striking: A conventional gas unit costs an average of $350 a year compared to the demand unit, which costs only $256.

Tankless units are not appropriate for every household, however. If you have a large home or use hot water at different places simultaneously within the home, you may need to install two separate units as the flow of hot water coming from a demand unit is limited. Since demand heaters are more costly to purchase and install than conventional ones, the price of installing more than one unit will undermine any energy savings. However, if a demand heater can accommodate your needs, these units provide great efficiency, with the added bonus that they take up very little space in the home.

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What Is The Difference Between Condo And Traditional Homes?

Traditional houses literally owned the housing marketplace. Condos are on the upswing in popularity for quite a while now and are so varied in the subject since the imaginations that designing them.

This guide will examine a few of the differences and advantages that condominium ownership provides in addition to detail a number of the extra fees and services which are included in the majority of condos. If you are seeking for the Downtown Luxury Condos and Financial District Condos then you can explore various online sources.

The expression condominium” can apply to many distinct kinds of home, and the principal similarity that most condos have is that the construction they’re in or the property they occupy is joint-owned by everybody who owns a unit.

Typically there is also an institution of some sort that’s charged with making decisions which affect the construction or property. This is a team consisting of owners and they’re charged with making decisions and rules and ensuring that policy is followed. Obtaining aquatinted with a specified condominium’s institution is typically a fantastic idea prior to buying a unit.

Another facet of condominium ownership that has to be noted is your monthly charges. This is distinct from any mortgage charges that have to be paid. Since the individual owners ‘ are also the proprietors of the house itself, the duty falls to them to make sure that the construction and property will be tended to. These charges are collected from the linking and allocated according to need.

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Perfect Flooring for the Perfect House!

There's a common phrase that comes out of everyone's mouth when they step inside a home for sale to take a peek. And it goes a little something like this. I wish this house had hardwood floors, or I love the hardwood floors. Does that sound about right? I said it when I looked at homes with my wife, and she did the same thing. Now I see countless couples and individuals do it on those home reality shows on television. We all, or at least most of us, prefer the hardwood over the nasty carpet scene. There are plenty of reasons why.

Currently I'm trying to figure out how we could possibly afford hardwood floors at this point. I had a gentleman come to our home and give us an estimate, but didn't really enjoy what he had to say. After measuring our kitchen and living room area, he gave me an estimate of 12,000 dollars. YIKES! I looked at my wife with a cringe of disbelief. This couldn't be right. Not for only two rooms, which were not even all that large. Naturally we told him we'd have to chew on it for a while. This basically meant NO WAY. We were bound and determined to see what other places would tell us. So we called-up one more to acquire an estimate. A second fellow came out and did some measuring. This guy said around 6,800. HUH? What a difference! What happened to the 12,000 dollar estimate? This just goes to show that it pays to shop around for hardwood floors. It's sad how much more one company charges than another. Anyway, we decided to wait on it a bit. I'm not exactly ready to fork out the cash. Click here for some more amazing flooring options.

Do you have hardwood floors in your home? I can tell you there are a few advantages, having had them before. One thing I love about quality, durable hardwood floors is that they don't hold mud, dirt, grime, bacteria, and stains like carpet does. You can sweep and polish your hardwood floors and keep them looking great. Secondly they're awesome when you have children. Kids are notorious for spilling and smearing things on the floor. If you're dealing with hardwood floors, you can simply wipe the mess up. However, it's not so simple with carpet. Ponder the many ways hardwood floors could benefit your home.

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The Best Way to Use an Ozone Generator For the Car

Ozone generators are one of the best tools out there. While they are mainly used to remove odors, they can also be used for mold remediation and containing bacteria. Hotels use them, car dealerships use them, and people like you use them as well.

Even though ozone is harmful for people to breathe in, you just need to know how to use it. If you’re not in the same area whenever it’s running, you’ll be alright. For example, putting it in the car and turning it on is one thing. Sealing up the car afterward is necessary, keeping the ozone within the vehicle and not escaping out of it.

You can use an ozone generator in your home, as well. You can use them in rooms or the entire house if the ozone generator is big enough. However, the same rule applies: only use the ozone generators in unoccupied spaces. People, pets, and plants can be harmed by ozone.

Whenever you use it in a car, you can set the ozone generator outside and attach a hose from it to the car through a window. Seal up the window and you’ll have the perfect, safe seal to treat your vehicle for odors and other odor-causing bacteria. It’s a great way to get your car and home smelling as fresh as the day you purchased them.

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