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5 Tips for Increasing Your Gas Hot Water Heaters Efficiency

Hot water heaters can be real energy hogs. Conventional gas-fired units, which store a reserve of hot water, use twice the energy required to run a refrigerator and account for up to 16 percent of the average American’s total energy consumption. Improving the efficiency of your gas hot water heater can translate into significant savings on your monthly gas bill.


1. Use Less Hot Water

The first way to improve energy efficiency is to consume less of the resource itself. And the easiest way to decrease the amount of hot water you use is to install aerating shower and faucet heads. Good models deliver a satisfying stream of water yet cut the actual flow by 50 percent, which means that a family of four can potentially save 1000 gallons of hot water a month from baths and showers alone. Other ways of saving water include

  • installing a horizontal-axis washing machine
  • installing a new model dishwasher
  • using cold water to wash clothing

Painless conservation efforts not only reduce your gas bill but also help lower your water bill, resulting in a responsible use of a limited resource.

2. Insulate Your Hot Water Tank and Hot Water Pipes

Much of the energy expended in conventional storage heaters is a result of keeping the water in the tank at the right temperature, especially if the heater itself is located in a cold part of the house. Insulating the tank will reduce heat loss and improve the unit’s efficiency, in some cases by up to nine percent. It is a relatively simple project, but homeowners should follow the manufacturer’s recommendations carefully when insulating a gas hot water heater so as not to block the air inlets.

Insulating the hot water pipes works on the same principle: The water sitting in your pipes, waiting to be used, will be kept at a higher temperature if the pipes themselves are insulated. Insulating the pipes is a more time-consuming and costly improvement than simply insulating the heater, however, so homeowners should consider their individual needs before embarking on this project.

3. Turn Down the Heater’s Temperature Setting

You can improve energy efficiency by up to five percent for every ten degrees you lower the temperature setting on a conventional storage heater. For many households, lowering the temperature from 140 to 120 degrees yields considerable savings and no inconvenience. After all, if the water that runs from your taps is so hot you have to mix it with cold in order to bathe or wash dishes comfortably, it is a safe bet that you can lower the temperature on your unit without sacrificing any comfort whatsoever.

4. Install an “On-Demand Circulator” under Your Sink

In houses with a conventional gas hot water heater in the basement or other remote location, 50 or more feet of pipe lie between the hot water source and the faucet. Bringing the hot water to the faucet expends energy and wastes water. An on-demand circulator can solve this problem. This device is a pump that pushes hot water from the heater to the tap and returns the cold water sitting in the pipe back to the heater. Because you use it only when you need the hot water, the circulator greatly increases efficiency and cuts down on waste.

5. Switch to a Tankless Unit

The next time your conventional gas-fired hot water heater needs replacing, consider installing a demand, or tankless, heater. Demand units do not store water; rather, they work by heating the water rapidly whenever you turn on the tap. Over a 13-year life cycle, tankless gas heaters cost nearly 500 dollars less to purchase and operate than conventional units. The difference in the annual cost of running these units in more striking: A conventional gas unit costs an average of $350 a year compared to the demand unit, which costs only $256.

Tankless units are not appropriate for every household, however. If you have a large home or use hot water at different places simultaneously within the home, you may need to install two separate units as the flow of hot water coming from a demand unit is limited. Since demand heaters are more costly to purchase and install than conventional ones, the price of installing more than one unit will undermine any energy savings. However, if a demand heater can accommodate your needs, these units provide great efficiency, with the added bonus that they take up very little space in the home.

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HSBC Singapore To Relocate Head Office To Marina Bay Financial Centre

In March this year, HSBC Singapore introduced a brand-new three-year calculated strategy that consisted of a 10% boost in head count throughout all company lines. Singapore is additionally thought about among just 8 markets with range, amongst HSBC's 66 nations. HSBC Singapore introduced on Sept 13 that it will certainly be moving its head workplace to Marina Bay Financial Centre (MBFC) Tower 2, within the Central Business District as well as Marina One directory, to suit the business's fast development strategies. HSBC Singapore's CEO Tony Cripps states the transfer to MBFC is a declaration of the economic team's dedication to expand its existence in Singapore. HSBC will certainly have signs legal rights to the structure at MBFC Tower 2. It will certainly provide be purchasing the brand-new office to develop a setting that contributes to partnership, urges advancement as well as a business frame of mind. "HSBC in Singapore will certainly go through a variety of work environment and also social modifications that will certainly change the method our staff members connect, involve and also deal with each various other," states Cripps.

The action by HSBC is a testimony that MBFC remains to draw in "top quality firms", claims Ben Robinson, CEO, Raffles Quay Asset Management. CBRE suggested HSBC on its lease at MBFC. "By participating in an onward leave over the leading floorings at MBFC 2, HSBC has actually safeguarded a few of the most effective workplace in the city for its Singapore head workplace," claims Moray Armstrong CBRE handling supervisor of advising & purchase solutions. HSBC's action stands for among the biggest brand-new workplace rents checked in 2018. Inning Accordance With Mark Lampard, supervisor of local renter depiction at Cushman & Wakefield, renting offers of this dimension "emphasizes Singapore's standing as an international monetary center which trip to top quality remains to drive renting activities in the Grade A market."

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Effective Window Cleaning on Telescopic Ladders

Tall windows in most homes and business premises are usually neglected because a lot of people find it hard to try to reach out to them for cleaning. If you watch keenly, these are usually the dullest windows in any home or business. If you enjoy clean windows, you should do something about it however tall your windows are.

There are telescopic ladders, see Top 10 Best Cheap Telescopic Ladders To Buy In 2018, that can lift you up to as high as you need to in order to clean all your windows. With such a ladder, you clean comfortably without worrying that you may slip, fall off the ladder and suffer an injury. Telescopic ladders are not new on the market; they have been around for a while now and many people have seen just how beneficial they are especially around the home.

There are so many things that you do not get to do because you cannot reach a higher height. An ordinary ladder may not stretch that far but a telescopic one can. Their adjustability makes them the best among all other ladders because, with this feature, you can achieve just the perfect height for the task you have at any given time.

If there are obstacles, you can use the ladder to go beyond those obstacles to reach to the window or any other place you want that is higher than you can reach. Keep in mind that there are different types of these ladders today; therefore think carefully before making the final choice to avoid regrets.

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What Is the Difference Between Egyptian Cotton and Bamboo Sheets?

The last thing that you want to do when you're purchasing sheets for your bed is to make an uninformed decision and buy a product that isn't everything that you wanted it to be. These days marketing gimmicks can trick you into making a purchase that isn't exactly right for what you want and neither Egyptian cotton nor bamboo sheets are an exception to that. There are a couple of things you need to know about both of these to determine which is right for you.

Egyptian cotton sheets are high quality when they're actually made of extra long staple cotton. They're breathable, heavy, absorbs liquids easily, and is resistant to pilling. It gets softer after each wash.

Bamboo sheets aren't actually made of bamboo fibers; they're made of bamboo fibers that have been processed by a chemical method to produce rayon, which is a synthetic fiber. It's hypoallergenic, anti-bacterial, lightweight, and absorbs dye easily.

Which one is better for you boils down largely to preference. Do you want a set of sheets that will last you decades when taken care of properly? If so, Egyptian cotton is far better. If you don't mind replacing your sheets every few years, bamboo sheets are cheaper.

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